4 Fabulous Reasons to Use a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Reasons to hire a photo booth

Photo booths are hugely popular these days. They’re not just being used at weddings – they get used at all sorts of events including graduation balls and corporate events. I have to admit, I love them!

The last wedding I went to had a photo booth and I’m not ashamed to admit I had loads of pictures taken. It was just too much fun and you end up wanting a picture with lots of different people. It’s been months and they’re still proudly displayed on our fridge.

That’s the power of a photo booth hire – you end up with fun memories of a special day that you can easily hang up in your home. Let’s talk about some fabulous reasons you should consider using a photo booth for your wedding (or event!).

Halo Booth Glasgow

Halo Booth Glasgow

1) They Make Great Memories

Many photo booths offer you the chance to print out double copies, meaning both you and your guests will get to keep a treasured memory of the big day. At that last wedding I mentioned, the couple placed a guestbook on the table next to all of the props, along with some pens and glue.

Once you had your picture taken, you would get two copies – one for yourself and one to stick in the guestbook. You then signed the guestbook next to your picture, giving the bride and groom a very special book to remember their wedding by. I simply love this idea and it’s a great way to make sure you get pictures of all of your guests.

2) You End Up With Fun Party Snaps

Having a professional photographer with you all day can end up costing you a fortune. While they’re great for capturing all the big moments at the ceremony, you also want someone to capture the fun of the reception.

Photo booths encourage spontaneity, creativity, and plain and simple fun. Guests won’t worry about looking perfect for the camera – they encourage people to let loose with some silly props and fun backgrounds. The images you end up with are unique and completely different from what a professional would capture, or what your guests would capture.

3) It Brings People Together

Let’s face it – as the one getting married you will be far too busy to try and urge people to socialize. Luckily, photo booths do all the hard work for you. They encourage people to get together and have some fun, even if they’ve never met before. You spark up conversation while you wait in line or fill out the guestbook with your pictures.

It’s such an easy way to bring people together, without making things awkward. The best part is that you can just let the company do all the work. You just enjoy the big day, while the attendant takes all the pictures and provides all the equipment.

4) They Are So Much Fun!

Any time there’s been a photo booth at an event, there’s always a big queue. Why? Because they’re just so much fun. Seriously, if you’ve used one you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Like I said, I ended up going back loads of times for more pictures, rather shamelessly I’ll admit. With so many props to choose from and so many guests to take your picture with, no two pictures ended up alike.

That’s what makes them a fantastic source of entertainment for your guests. A photo booth is just so many things rolled into one; it brings people together, acts as an extra photographer, offers an added form of entertainment, and provides you and your guests with lovely memories of the big day – what more could you ask for?

What Kind of Package Should I Look Out For?

When it comes to choosing a photo booth provider, you want to make sure you get good value for your money. Do a bit of research first and make sure that the company you choose has everything you are looking for.

Most photo booths come with a few background choices, a fun set of props and a friendly booth attendant. You should try and find one that offers unlimited prints, so you won’t have to worry about limiting the amount of pictures you can take. You’ll notice that once guests see the booth, it won’t stop getting used, so unlimited prints are definitely worth it!

Some companies also offer a personalised guestbook – I really like the idea behind this. It just makes things super easy for the couple and it gives you a great memento to take home with you. I also love how Halo Booth offers a USB stick containing all of your images. I’ve had to download images off of the website before and I can’t imagine having to do that for hundreds of pictures!

Halo Booth Glasgow

As you can see, you end up with high-quality copies of the images (the ones above are slightly cropped), not just the small print outs. I think paying a little extra for something like that just takes out a lot of the hassle – you’ll have so much to organize before and even after your wedding, it’s best to keep things simple where possible.

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