5 Men’s Gifts That Will Give Your Boyfriend An Instant Style Upgrade

Sterling Silver Tie Bar

Sometimes the man in your life needs a little bit of direction when it comes to fashion. That’s where you come in; men’s gifts are the perfect opportunity to give your man some much needed style guidance. Transform his look with these fashion forward men’s accessories.

1. Sterling Silver Tie Bar

Used to keep your tie in place, this quintessential menswear accessory has made a big comeback thanks to the renewed interest in classic men’s fashion. It’s a reminder of how a small addition to your outfit can make a big difference to your overall look. Men often overlook these small details, forgetting how much of an impact an accessory can have on your outfit, which is why it makes for the perfect gift.


Sterling Silver Tie Bar

This beautiful tie bar from Silver Groves is made from sterling silver so you know it will last. I like how simple and stylish it is, not too flash but will still make a fashion statement. This gift is perfect for upgrading dull office fashion.

2. Silk Pocket Square

Just like the tie bar, the pocket square is enjoying a big revival. This little accessory will earn your man major style points and give any jacket or blazer an instant lift.

Silk Pocket Square

This textured silk pocket square from The Tie Bar comes in blue and features classic dots, perfect for a stylish look that keeps it classic and simple. There are plenty more to choose from, so think about your man’s personal style and how comfortable he would be trying out different colours and patterns.

3. Plaid Scarf

A stylish scarf is the easiest way to kick your outfit up a notch. The best way to tie it is with the over the shoulder scarf toss, which gives a casual but fashionable look.

Plaid Scarf

This Scottish lambswool scarf from Brooks Brothers is just the perfect length for draping it over your shoulder. The versatile colouring means it is easy to match with lots of different coats and suits, while the plaid pattern keeps it bang on trend.

4. Leather Briefcase

You see so many men going into work carrying a backpack like they’re still at university. For a much more stylish and grown-up look, get your man a proper briefcase. A leather briefcase is nice and sturdy and will last for many years.

Leather Briefcase

This Slim Brief from Coach is the perfect style accessory and it can even double as an overnight bag. Men love practical, multi-functional bags and this one is just roomy enough to fit in a small change of clothes for an overnight trip.

5. Reversible Belt

A reversible belt is a simple, stylish and super practical accessory that makes for the ideal gift. Men will love how easy it is to reverse it from black to brown and it gives them one less thing to pack when going on a trip.

Smart Reversible Belt

This smart reversible belt from Ted Baker makes it simple to go from classic business attire, to smart casual with a quick reverse from black to brown. Now he won’t have a reason to wear the wrong colour belt with an outfit, easy!

Buying men’s gifts gives you the perfect excuse to get something fashionable for your boyfriend to help them earn major style points. These trendy accessories will help to give your man a quick and easy makeover with minimal effort. That’s what I love about accessories, you just need to add one piece to an outfit to take it from plain to super stylish. If you choose the right accessory you can wear it with lots of different outfits, giving it plenty of wear.