ASOS Fashion Finder

I’m a big fan of the ASOS Fashion Finder site and it’s what inspired me to start a blog. I thought I’d share some of my outfits and why not start with competition winners?

I was lucky enough to win 2nd place with this outfit in the Starbucks Trend Blend competition. ASOS does some fantastic competitions and I was so happy to actually win one! Especially as there are lots of talented users out there who have really inspired me. You should really check this site out if you’re interested in fashion as it can be really inspiring and gives you some great ideas on the latest trends and how to wear them. This outfit was made with a beach trip in mind, adding some bright neon pieces to brighten it up.

This outfit won 3rd place for another round of the Starbucks Trend Blend competition. Inspired by 80s fashion, I used a neon fitted dress and printed jacket. I loved the idea of piling on the jewellery, so added a bunch of chain bracelets.

I love playing around with different trends and mixing and matching pieces you might not normally see together. Most of all I just have fun with it and it’s a great way to inspire yourself to take some fashion risks.