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Floral and Polka Dot Nails

Last week I decided to try out my new dotting tools. I looked to the internet for some inspiration and chose to try out floral and polka dot nails. Think Laura Ashley for inspiration on colour and style. I was pretty happy with the way they turned out, what do you think?

Floral and Polka Dot Nails

It was actually quite easy to do. The first step is to cover your nails in your chosen base coat. I went for a kind of duck egg blue colour. I think this colour works well with the floral pattern. I chose a cream colour for the polka dots, for something a little more subdued that would not detract too much attention away from the florals. I then just chose a couple of pinks, one lighter and one darker shade for the flowers. I did an initial blob of nail polish with the lighter colour, don’t worry too much about the way it looks as you will be painting over finer details. Once dry I just painted a few curved lines on top in the darker pink shade. I then added the leaves with a dark green polish. I was actually surprised with how many colours I already owned! I will try and upload additional pictures to show the process step by step for a proper tutorial!

DIY Nails with Tape

I decided to try out some DIY nails using masking tape. Here are the results:

9SiTIz on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

The first thing I did was pick a base colour. I went for a nice bright colour; Barry M’s Turquoise. I then cut out strips of masking tape and placed them over my nails at different angles once the nail polish had dried. Very important to wait until it’s completely dried- the first time I tried this I ended up taking a bit of polish off with the tape! Oops. I then painted the ends with a contrasting bright pink polish from Accessorize. Once the polish had dried I just took off the tape- simple! 🙂

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DIY Nails

diy nails

I got some nail polish for Christmas and was inspired to try out some DIY Nails. I decided to use three different colours of nail polish with a crack effect nail polish over the top. I went for three similar colours, painting my nails one colour at a time. I first painted half of my nails using Rimmel’s Marshmallow Heaven shade and waited for that to dry. I then painted the other half using Rimmel’s Hot Shot shade. Once this was dry I just painted a stripe along the middle in 17’s Fairy Cake shade. One this was dry I went over it in Rimmel’s Black Graffiti, Crack Your Colour nail polish. I’m pretty happy with the results, although I didn’t do a very neat job hehe xxx

DIY Embellished Shoulders

DIY Embellished Shoulders

Another DIY project: embellished shoulders!
This is a really easy way to update a plain old t-shirt. I bought these pretty sequined leaves at my local fabric shop and just sewed them on. I pinned them on to the t-shirt before I sewed them on, as I was wearing it, to make sure I got the placement right.