How to wear…the blazer

I’m loving blazers at the moment. They really dress up any outfit and there are so many different styles out there. I bought an 80s blue blazer on ebay and thought I’d show you 3 different ways to wear it.



Like I said, blazers can dress up any outfit, including a plain white t-shirt and jeans. I took some inspiration from Kate Moss in this new ad:

kate moss ad


Night Out

I love wearing a blazer over a dress for a night out. As this is an 80s blazer I was inspired and decided to pair it with neon pink heels and a fitted black glitter dress.


The dress and necklace are from ASOS, the bag was my mom’s and I bought the heels on a trip to London, I think at Piccadilly market.


I thought I would try out the androgynous trend, as it’s pretty big at the moment. I took some inspiration from this:


Karlie Kloss by Nick Knigh, Vogue UK Sept 2012

I paired my blazer with a shirt (M&S) and a cravat which I had bought in a vintage shop once. I also wore some lipstick to try and keep it feminine.


I’m not too sure about the results, but it was fun giving it a shot!