Top 5 Weekend Bags For Women

river island paris bag

I’ve been away on a lot of short trips recently and the one thing I have come to realise is that I am in serious need of a new weekend bag. I’ve got my travel luggage all sorted for longer trips abroad, but a weekend bag? I tend to just take my backpack, which is nowhere near big enough! Time to do a bit of shopping around to see what the best weekend bags for women are.

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Top Ten 2015 Hair Color Trends

Caramel Highlights

Everyone goes through stages with their hair, eventually getting to the point where they want to try out a whole new style. Rather than immediately opting for a daring new haircut, why not try out a new hair color? We take a look at some of the hottest hair color trends of 2015. From natural shades to give you a fresh new look, to daring colors to help you stand out from the crowds, here are the best trends for this year.

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DIY Halloween Nails

It’s almost Halloween and I’m getting into the spirit with some Halloween inspired nails! I decided to try out some nails I found on Pinterest which seemed easy enough to do – click here for the original link. I used a neutral shade for the base coat, then two shades of orange for the tips. Once dry, I used the dotting tool for the black. I’m pretty happy with the outcome, although it could have been a little neater 🙂 Happy Halloween xx

Halloween nails