Sweater Trend Fall 2012

Sweaters are perfect for the fall as the weather gets colder. Kooky sweater designs were huge for fashion week, including Pop art and poster art prints. Eye catching prints are what you are looking for with this trend. Think Jeremy Scott and his Bart Simpson printed sweater.

sweater trend 2012

Look for cool prints on an over-sized sweater. You can wear them with just about anything, but for an on trend look try pairing one with a leather skirt. You don’t have to go casual, you can dress up your sweater with a statement necklace and skirt, or wear it over a shirt. If you want something a little less kooky, but still on trend, you can try going for a geometric print. Taking inspiration from the 80s these sweaters are a little easier to wear. Have a look in vintage and charity shops for unique pieces. Here are some great examples of sweaters online (click on the images for more information).

Day Of The Dead Sweatshirt

Owl Jumper

Panda Jumper

Grey Heart Motif Jumper

Geometric motifs over-sized sweater

Aztec Knit Jumper