Top Ten 2015 Hair Color Trends

Caramel Highlights

Everyone goes through stages with their hair, eventually getting to the point where they want to try out a whole new style. Rather than immediately opting for a daring new haircut, why not try out a new hair color? We take a look at some of the hottest hair color trends of 2015. From natural shades to give you a fresh new look, to daring colors to help you stand out from the crowds, here are the best trends for this year.

1. Babylights

Subtle and delicate highlights meant to mimic the natural color seen on children’s hair. The effect is soft, fresh and natural.


Source: Modern Salon

 2. Caramel Highlights

This warm, natural color looks great when combined with both light and dark shades, which makes it such a winner!

Caramel Highlights

Source: Newest Hairstyles

3. Softer Reds

Softer red shades such as copper and gold are trending for 2015, keeping in line with the more natural hair theme.

Rich Red

Source: The Right Hairstyles

4. Dark Gray

Dark gray and charcoal are the new shades of gray making a splash this year. Love this look below, beautiful and daring.


Source: Organic Color Systems

5. Rainbow Brights

Bright colors are still in this year, with a whole variety of shades having being seen on everyone from Rita Ora, to Kelly Osbourne and Diane Kruger. Try rainbow highlights, dip dyes or pastel color combos for a bold new look.

Rainbow Hair

Source: Hairstyles Collections

6. Beautiful Browns

Brown doesn’t have to be boring and will take your through every season. Match the shade of brown to your skintone and add highlights for a stand out look.

Chocolate Brown

Source: Hollywood Hairstyles

7. Ombre

Ombre is still big this year and we can expect to see new takes on the trend, including reverse ombre, brown to red ombre and ombre featuring bright colors. I am loving the ombre look for short hair as well.

Ombre Short Hair

Source: Pop Haircuts

8. Purple Haze

Purple looks great with dark colors – think purple highlights or dip dye on black or brown hair.

Purple Hair

Source: VP Fashion

9. Bronde

Mixing brown and blonde for a beautiful and natural looking combination. Looking for natural ways to lighten your locks? Try a honey and vinegar recipe to achieve a lighter shade, without the need to use bleach.


Source: Medium Hairstyles

10. Buttery Blonde

A lovely buttery blonde shade is the perfect way to lighten up those blonde locks without going full on platinum.

Buttery Blonde

Source: Her Interest

So what do you think of our list for the top 2015 hair color trends? Will you stand out with bright colorful hair, or go for something a little more natural? This year features trends for just about everyone, don’t be afraid to try something new.